A Chain from a Branch

By far the best part of our place in Bellevue is the trees. Along with the ubiquitous firs and alders, we’ve got beautiful cottonwoods, (self-seeding) cedars and absolutely enormous maples.  This time of year, the wind and rain bury the yard in huge drifts of leaves, and inevitably a few big branches come down. I … Continue reading A Chain from a Branch

Weather, Wood, and Wifi

Who doesn’t love the weather? It’s universally relevant, physically amazing, frequently dramatic, and overflows with data that almost — but never quite — lets us predict its behavior. Weather inspires a never-ending array of super-awesome gadgets and gizmos — beautiful antique barometers, science projects that turn DC motors into anemometers, classic home weather stations from … Continue reading Weather, Wood, and Wifi

I Got a Rock

The title here isn’t particularly relevant, I just never miss an opportunity to quote It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. A few months ago, a friend sent me some pictures of cool stone-lidded ring boxes and asked if I thought I could make one for her daughter’s wedding. I was 100% not convinced I could, … Continue reading I Got a Rock

Lincoln Logs FTW

A few weeks back I shared some pictures of the driftwood gate at the corner of our Whidbey place. Since then, I managed to actually finish the fence that runs from that corner along the bulkhead (only took three years). The last step of that was setting the pro-manila rope; turns out there are few … Continue reading Lincoln Logs FTW

I made a spoon.

A couple of months ago I bought a copy of Country Woodcraft: Then & Now by Drew Langsner. It’s a beautiful book that dives deep into everything from felling and hewing logs, to building and sharpening tools, to creating everyday items like rakes, stools, buckets and bowls. It even covers handmade farm implements like plows … Continue reading I made a spoon.

Driftwood Chic

My personal architectural aesthetic was pretty much locked into place by the 1960 Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson. I mean sure, they had materials from the wrecked ship to work with, but running water, a piano and a skylight in the master bedroom of a jungle treehouse? That is living my friend. I will never … Continue reading Driftwood Chic

A Little Project

A few months ago I made a batch of table salt from Puget Sound seawater (just like my hero Ruth Goodman). It was surprisingly easy; the only finicky part was siphoning off the clear water after letting all the gunk settle to the bottom. From there it was just a slow not-quite-boil until all that … Continue reading A Little Project


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