The Elon / Twitter Bummer

Let’s get this out of the way up front: if you’re here expecting more snarky piling on about how stupid Elon Musk is, you’re going to have to get your schadenfreude fix elsewhere. Frankly, I think he’s a genius. A singular individual of our time that most fairly should be compared with Thomas Edison. But … Continue reading The Elon / Twitter Bummer

Health IT: More I, less T

“USCDI vs. USCDI+ vs. EHI vs. HL7 FHIR US Core vs. IPA. Definitions, similarities, and differences as you understand them. Go!” —Anonymous, Twitter I spent about a decade working in “Health Information Technology” — an industry that builds solutions for managing the flow of healthcare information. It’s a big tent that boasts one of the … Continue reading Health IT: More I, less T

Form and Function

I love reality TV about making stuff and solving problems. My family would say “to a fault.” Just a partial list of my favs: I could easily spin a tangent about experiential archeology and the absolutely amazing Ruth Goldman, but I’ll be restrained about that (nope): Secrets of the Castle, Tudor Monastery Farm, Tales from … Continue reading Form and Function


OK, let’s see if I can actually get this thing written. It’s a little hard to focus right now. We’re almost two weeks into life with Copper the shockingly cute cavapoo puppy. He’s a great little dude, and life is already better with him around. But holy crap, it’s like having a human baby again … Continue reading Focus

Share to Roku!

TLDR: if you watch TV on a Roku and have an Android phone, please give my new Share To Roku app a try! It’s currently in open testing; install it with this link on the web or this link on your Android device. The app is free, has no ads, saves no data and only … Continue reading Share to Roku!

Bentwood Ring v0.8

A few weeks ago “bentwood rings” started showing up on my Pinterest feed amongst the usual fare of woodturning and off-grid power systems (that recommendation engine knows its business). I’d been thinking vaguely about wooden rings for awhile, so went down the Internet rabbit hole to see what was up. There’s a ton of good … Continue reading Bentwood Ring v0.8


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