Share to Roku – Privacy and Information

Share to Roku – Privacy and Information

ROKU® is a trademark and/or registered trademark of Roku, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Share to Roku is an Android application that connects to ROKU® devices on your local network and makes it easy to search for content and use your phone or tablet as a simple remote control. The application is not associated with or endorsed by Roku, Inc. Click for more information about the Roku External Control Protocol (ECP) used by the application.

The application is free and does not contain advertisements.

The application does not maintain any persistent data and does not track user behavior in any way.

Network traffic is exclusively between your device and Roku devices on your local network. In future versions, an anonymous (non-tracked) web service may be used to help format search strings for more accurate / useful results. If that feature is added, this policy will be updated.

Using the App

Share to Roku can be started directly from the home screen, or by “sharing” text from the Android Sharesheet. The “share” option will automatically execute a Roku search, hopefully getting you as close as possible to the show or movie you’re interested in.

The first screen lists all Rokus found on your local wifi network. Select a Roku by clicking on its name, or refresh the list by swiping down. Occasionally a Roku will fail to respond to the discovery request, so be sure to refresh if you don’t see it right away — assuming your Roku is powered on and connected to the network, that should fix the problem.

After choosing a Roku you’ll land on the Remote screen. The controls should be familiar and mostly intuitive, but the diagram below explains them in more detail.

I’d love your feedback and suggestions; Contact me anytime! And if you’re interested, the posts below contain a ton of history and context as to why and how Share To Roku came to be.